New Patients

For new patients accepted to our practice, setup of you/your child's profile is the first step to scheduling your initial intake appointment. This process is mostly automated through our EMR, Luminello. (If you completed screening via Luminello, you're in! Otherwise, you will receive an invite email that will allow you to access your profile.)

After accessing your profile, you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter Demographics info.​

    • Please note that all sections are required; if you are a private pay (cash) patient, no insurance information is needed.

    • For patients utilizing insurance, we must have the name registered with your insurance plan on-file. If you have a different preferred name, nickname, etc., we will ask this during your first appointment.

    • For patients utilizing Premera insurance, the correct option is "BCBS WA (Washington) - Premera BC of WA."

    • For patients utilizing Regence insurance, the correct option is "BCBS WA (Washington) - Regence BS of WA."

    • For all patients utilizing out of state BCBS plans - Anthem, for example - please choose the above Premera option.

  2. Review, complete/sign assigned Documents.

    • Please ​read all documents carefully prior to signing.

    • You will have an intake questionnaire showing within this section. While this will take some time to complete, this provides crucial information regarding background, history, symptoms, etc.

    • We automatically assign two release of information forms, for primary care providers and therapists. If you currently have either, we request that you complete these within the system; if you do not currently have one or the other, you can leave said ROI blank.

    • For those individuals ages 13-17, you will have a minor consent form assigned to you within Luminello. We will need a parent/guardian to sign after you sign; we will assist in coordinating this.

  3. For Billing, make sure there is at least one card on-file within the system.

    • If you would like to use an HSA/FSA card, please add this and note as such in the "Description" box.

    • You must also have at least one credit/debit card on-file. For security, we are unable to enter this information on our end. No charges will be made to any card on-file unless noted within our consent forms.

  4. Once all of the above steps have been completed, you will then be able to schedule an intake appointment.

    • This can also be done via Luminello; however, please ensure that all of the above steps have been completed FIRST.

    • If none of the appointment slots within our system might work for you, feel free to reach out to staff via message (to assistant) or via phone (360-207-1949, option 1) for assistance.

    • If an appointment is scheduled without all of the necessary information having been entered, a staff member will reach out to assist in completion. If less than 48 hours remain prior to the time you have scheduled, your appointment may be rescheduled; if staff cannot reach you, the appointment will be cancelled. 

If utilizing telehealth:

  1. On the day of your appointment, you will be able to sign into Luminello and should see a link to the waiting room on the Luminello homepage.​

    • Please sign in at least 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time, to test that your equipment is working okay. Note that we strongly recommend utilizing a computer with a strong wi-fi connection.​

    • We cannot treat anyone that is not currently located within WA state lines; if you foresee any travel, please contact our office ASAP and reschedule your appointment.


If you need any assistance, please contact our office at 360-207-1949 or send a message through Luminello to our administrative staff.


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