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Better Mental Health & Wellness is a comprehensive behavioral health practice offering personalized telepsychiatric services to children, adolescents, and adults in Washington & Virginia. We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment.


We believe in providing patients with cutting edge mental health services that are catered to suit their needs. Since 2018, we’ve helped patients in the greater Seattle area and beyond deal with some of the most critical circumstances in their lives. We're proud to bring our work to all Washington & Virginia residents!


Better Mental Health & Wellness                                      Better Mental Health & Wellness

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A Happier, Healthier You

Your path to health and wellness always starts with an expert evaluation. This is where you are able to share your own history, concerns, and questions with the provider for the first time.

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Here For You

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed. We utilize an individualized, holistic approach to all medical services and always include you in decision-making.  Medication is often a helpful option but may not always be the right choice for you.

Therapy Session


Quality Care

A holistic treatment plan always includes brief therapy and education.  With a background in both prior to entering private practice, Dr. Moore is able to tailor your appointments to your short- & long-term goals.  We also offer referrals to therapists within the community.