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COVID-19 Information

Regarding COVID-19 (updated 7/1/2020)

Please note: We have switched to as our telehealth provider. Instructions for utilizing this service can be found at the bottom of this page.


Appointment Options
At this time, Dr. Moore is seeing patients primarily via telehealth. We plan to be able to offer some in-person appointments starting in October; this would primarily be offered to new patients, those needing to be seen for close monitoring, or patients that might prefer to be seen in-person. We will take every precaution necessary and recommended to ensure everyone's safety.

Please note that we cannot verify coverage regarding telehealth services for all plans, as many plans have recently altered guidelines, dates when telehealth coverage is allowed, etc. Particularly if you have an out-of-state plan, we strongly recommend verifying coverage before you are seen for your appointment. Setup Instructions​

***Please note that as of April 20th, we are moving to for telehealth services. You will need to go to instead. If needed, we will use Google Meet as a back-up option.***

  • Please review the instructions regarding setting up here.

    • 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment, visit your provider's page on your computer or mobile device.

    • Please make sure to review the "Terms of Service" prior to checking in.

  • Important: While's service is simple to ​use, there are a few recommendations that will help both you (and your provider) to have a successful appointment:

    • Using a computer is highly preferred over using a phone. Please note the browsers required in the document linked to just above; also, close any unneeded programs/browser tabs and, if needed, restart your computer prior to signing in.

    • As your appointment will include video, having the fastest internet connection possible is preferred. Most connection issues appear to be related to internet speed concerns, so please place yourself as close to your wi-fi router as possible.

    • Doxy will NOT work well if you do not have a solid internet connection. Please do not attempt to start a session if you are already aware of this issue.

    • Please do not attempt to start a session if you are in a moving vehicle.

  • Dr. Moore will start the visit as close to your scheduled time as possible.​

Please note:

  • All patients must be able to remain in a private area during their session. We recommend utilizing headphones if possible.

  • Patients 17 years of age and younger should start the session alone; we will include parents, etc. as indicated.

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late in terms of joining the session, you will likely need to reschedule by calling our office.

  • New patients should forward paperwork to Dr. Moore via the patient portal prior to the start of the appointment (as instructed by office staff.) Patients seeing Dr. Moore for the first time (90 minute appointment) cannot utilize via mobile device and must utilize a computer.

  • ***If you do not have access to the technology necessary to utilize, please let our office staff know and we will do what we can to assist.

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